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At Physician Access, we're committed to providing you with highest quality care. This commitment applies to all aspects of your member experience, but it begins with who we select as our caregivers. That's why we've partnered with the Physician Network cutting edge organization of medical professionals specializing in telehealth. This organization has established a rigorous screening and credential verification process for each and every physician applicant, ensuring they meet the highest standards of qualification. In addition, the network physicians are continually reviewed to ensure they're being attentive to each of our patients' needs, conducting thorough examinations, and providing individualized diagnoses and treatment plans.

Training and Credentialing

Network physicians are:

  • Licensed in their respective states
  • Credentialed using nationally recognized industry standards
  • Covered by malpractice insurance for consultations
  • Located in the United States

Physician applicants who meet the rigorous background standards begin a multi-stage interview process, meeting with both Physician Access Network doctors and staff. Network doctor applicants are assessed on the basis of medical treatment proficiency, strengths in personal communication, and their ability to confidently treat patients on the platform.

Upon successful completion of the credentialing verificiation process, physicians must take part in extensive physician training, to master the technical aspects of telehealth and acquire a firm understanding of best treatment practices. Throughout this training process, physicians engage in a wide range of scenario consultations with telehealth Consulting Network doctors, preparing them for the most common treatments, as well as rare and out of the ordinary situations. New physicians begin taking consultation appointments only when they’ve attained the highest level of proficiency and confidence on the platform.

Continuing Education

All physicians on the Physician Access platform must undergo a formal review process every 6 months to reinforce their ability to operate the system. Physicians are assessed on the basis of patient feedback and a formal rating system, patient outcome track record, and peer reviews from fellow network physicians. We accept only the highest level of service and only doctors in good standing are permitted to actively practice on the platform.

Physician Access monitors the continuing medical education (CME) of all network physicians to assure they are keeping up with the healthcare industry standards for professional development. Benchmarks for CME credits through workshops, conferences, and online training must be maintained, and Physician assists network physicians in finding opportunities to meet the required levels.

Physician Communication

Our staff stays in regular contact with the members of the physician network to alert them of appointments and to ensure timely response to patient needs. Physician Access prides itself on its responsiveness and uses the full range of electronic communications so patients don’t experience lengthy wait times. The network Physician Services Managers monitor all medical consultations, which enables a nearly flawless level of coordination and efficiency despite high appointment volume. Our Customer Service department manages patient contact with regards to all aspects of the telehealth service, including scheduling sessions with doctors and following up with patients.

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What our members say

I was traveling out of state and realized i left my high blood pressure medication. I called a physician and he called in a prescription for me by the hotel. Andy G.

I had an important business meeting and I knew I could not miss it, but I was feeling under the weather. I called and the doctor was able to provide me a prescription that made me feel better. Thanks


Why Telehealth

The American Medical Association: Up to 70% of doctor office visits and 40% of emergency room visits are unnecessary.

The American Academy of Family Physicians: Predicts the shortage of family doctors will reach 40,000 in the next 10 years

InMedica: Forecasts that the number of computers (including health hubs, mobile phones, etc) used in telehealth applications will increase to over 1 million in 2014 and to around 3.6 million in 2018.