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A Comprehensive Health and Wellness Program

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  • With WellCard Membership You'll Receive Quality Treatment From Hospitals, Medical Centers, Medical Practices and Labs.
  • Your WellCardHealth membership through a participating organization gives you access to amazing health and wellness discounts, which empowers you and your family to get the health care you deserve.

    WellCard Health gives you access not only to discount prescriptions and all the other great savings of WellCardRx, it also offers you great discounts on doctor visits, OTC drugs and more!

    • Doctor Visits
    • Surgical Centers
    • 24/7 Consult A Doctor
    • Diabetic Care Services and Supplies
    • Vitamins & Daily Living Products
    • Medical Bill Help
    • WellCard Rewards

    The Savings Are In The Numbers

    WellCard Health is accepted at thousands of provider locations across the country.

    • $1,000: The amount a family of three can save per year on health care*
    • 410,000: The number of physicians across the country who accept the WellCard Health card
    • 45,000: The number of ancillary providers who accept the card
    • 59,000: The number of participating pharmacies nationwide who accept WellCard Health

    Those are some amazing numbers. We call it WellCard Health. You can call it Empowering.

    *Based on two doctor visits, two prescriptions, and two dental visits per year